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 My name is David Bernier Sr.  After many years of  capturing Special events, Grammar and High School sports, Corporate outings, Weddings and Custom Video Presentations, it was decided to provide an easier way of bringing these memories  to those who can treasure them forever. From Paint -Ball Outings to Portraits, from Weddings to "What-ever" we can create custom video presentations and Photo's that you will actually want to see over-and-over. Our webpage is in it's infancy, our dedication is not. Look  around, if you like what you see, contact us. At a price that is more than competitive, we believe you will be glad we meet, Guarantied!!!

Portraits shown are low resolution, only  Professionally  High Resolution pictures will be delivered!                                                         Watermarks will NOT be part of your purchased item.

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 Redsox vs Cobras  Redsox vs Outlaws Joe's 50th          Rebecca & Aaron




  St. Rita Winterfest VI     Sample Video  



    Paul & Nancy                 Happy 50th Dave    

  Happy Birthday Nancy              MidCrest Panthers 

 Tokyo,Japan  coming soon !!         Erin & Mike                       

mujeres desnudas fotos artisticas en la playa fotos gratis

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